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BBEC Council Members


JillMcGowan.jpg Dr Jill McGowan -


Contact details: Tel: 07973 763 422

E-mail: jill.mcgowan@sky.com

Website: www.sleepingallnight.com


Vice Chair:

ML.jpg Michael Lingard -

BSc(Econ)Hons,  Dip.Ost.(EEO), BBEC

Contact details: Tel: 01580 752 852

E-mail: lingard@ohsoeasy.net

Websites: www.buteykokent.co.uk



johndale1.jpg John Dale –

Member of Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, BBEC

Contact details: Tel: 01296 660 225

E-mail: info@daleanderson.biz


Administration & Marketing:

SDarch.jpg  Steve Darch –

Strategic Client Development Manager, BBEC

Contact details: Tel: 01173 180 986

E-mail: steve@naturalbreathingtraining.com

Website:  www.naturalbreathingtraining.com


Other Officers:

IanScholl.jpg Ian Sholl -

Contact details: Tel 0191 5513612

E-mail: ian@asthmacare-northeast.co.uk

Website: www.asthmacare-northeast.co.uk



 CD.jpg Colin Deeny -

 Contact details: Tel: 003 53749 322 991
E-mail: colindeeny@iol.ie
It is the aim of the BBEC to assist the public in choosing a Buteyko Educator that meets their needs and who has been trained to recognized levels of competence, who is experienced, covered by insurance and is a member of a registering body that enables the public to access a formal complaints procedure. At present there is little or no control or validation of anyone calling themselves a Buteyko practitioner.
The establishment of the BBEC will overcome this problem and give the public a safe, reliable source of information of a high professional standard that befits the Buteyko movement.
Currently there are many groups of Buteyko Practitioners outside Russia, the BIBH (Buteyko
Institute for Better Health) the formal registering body of Australia & New Zealand, the BBEA (The Buteyko Breathing Educators Association) the USA formal registering body, the  BBA (Buteyko Breathing Association) a group of physiotherapists and nurses trained in the Buteyko Method, and many more independent teachers who. The public cannot easily differentiate between highly trained Buteyko educators and those who have taken on the title with very little training. This is an unacceptable situation in any professional body. 
Many Russian Doctors have suggested Buteyko Practitioners may teach the Buteyko Method to three levels:
Level One teaches the patient how to reach a Control Pause of between 25 and 35, this allows them to take better control of their asthma with reduced medication. This may take only a few days of training.
Level Two teaches the patient how to achieve a Control Pause of between 35 and 45, which gives greater health benefits through better oxygenation of the body tissue and general improved metabolism and chemistry. This level may be reached in weeks or months.
Level Three teaching takes patients to a CP of 45 to 60 and over. This may reverse pathological changes over time and maximises health & wellbeing. This level takes months or with older patients even years, so be patient, the effort is worth it!
Meanwhile you may want to find a Buteyko Educator near you, wherever you live in the world, this Google map will help you locate a Buteyko Educator but you will need to discuss your health needs to ensure they will be most suited to train you. GOOGLE MAP
 Ask your Buteyko practitioner what level you may be trained to or what might be best for yourself.
More information and practitioner listings may be found on the following sites:
the MYBUTEYKO APP has a listing of practically every Buteyko Educator in the world CLICK HERE  to download this free introductory app to the Buteyko Method.

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